Selection of Presidents by "Elite"/Extraterrestrial Technology/False Flags/Genocide
George Green: Conference From Illusion To Reality in Prague, Lucerna Great Hall, 23 July 2016, the sound is good after first two min. George Green (USA) is an "Elite" Whistleblower, who set in meetings with World Leaders. He was asked to be the finance chairman for the election of Jimmy Carter, two years before Jimmy Carter was elected President of the USA 1976. George has found that everything he thought he knew was based on a Lie. He speaks about the Cover Up of Extraterrestrials, Human Cloning, Genocidal Plan of the Ruling "Elite", Political Assassinations by the CIA, JFK-Assassination and False Flag Operations. George Green is on a mission to expose the truth about the World Controlers and how we can try to change the ending of the story planned by the so called elite. George Green speaks also about Henry Kissinger, who received Nobel Peace Prize 1973 and who is involved in the planned Genocide of Billions of People on the Earth. Involvement in Organized Criminality of Henry Kissinger, incl homosexual rape and Organized Assassinations/False Flag Operations for tax-money has been also exposed by Kay Griggs: "Illuminati Wife Tells All Part 1-4"/"Kay Griggs returns after 10 years". George Green received Prague Peace Prize 2016 on 22 July 2016 for his work for Humanity, please watch interview with Kerry Lynn Cassidy, Project Camelot: "George Green Revisited: Prague Interview 2016". Interesting is also that George mentions "Ticket to Pine Gap". Pine Gap is an underground military base in Australia, according to sgt major Robert "Bob" Dean, people can be teleported from the USA and elsewhere to Pine Gap. According to others, Extraterrestrial Space Crafts usually land in Australia when they come to the Earth and according to the top Illuminati, the Illuminati are planning to leave the Earth before the destruction on the surface of the Earth caused by the NIBIRU-Planet X System Flyby begins in October-December 2017. "The Ticket to Pine Gap" might mean a ticket to leave the Earth during the NIBIRU-Planet X flyby together with the Top Illuminati. For speeches of Kerry Cassidy-Project Camelot, Ole Dammegård, Marshall Masters, Fritz Springmeier, Harald Kautz(-Vella), Sandra Fecht, David Icke, Frances Toews and Dave Staffen go to and click on the square "From Illusion To Reality". Contact Alexandra JB: [email protected]


George Green: Selection of Presidents by "Elite"/Extraterrestrial Technology/False Flags/Genocide
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