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In the 1980s, Disoul and OTMC became friends in the country of Senegal.[1] In the early 90’s Disoul moved to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Shortly after OTMC goes there to meet his old buddy. They got the idea of starting a French Hip Hop group. The two rappers became acquainted with Dj Choice, who then decides to join them, hence giving birth to Dubmatique.[2] In 1994, they made their first appearance by doing a freestyle on the mix-tape Tape 9-Too Leust by Cut Killer.[3]

By 1995, the group starts to be very successful doing shows in local clubs. They participate at the launch of the album Simple et Funky by Alliance Ethnik and the soundtrack for the movie La Haine who are extremely successful in Quebec. They win the award of Best Hip Hop Group of the Year at the Gala Mimi. That same summer, they did a show at the music festival named Les FrancoFolies de Montréal where their perseverance and fan base was noticed.[4]

                                                                        The only reason I am successful is because I have stayed true to myself.
                                                                                                                                                          Lindsey Stirling

  Dubmatique - Soul Pleureur feat Barnev


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