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Spca west - SPCA Ouest - SPCA De L'Ouest - complaints

The Truth About SPCA De L'Ouest - horror stories here! Animal shelter is located in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Québec.

Marley's story

December 25, 2018 - Christmas Day

Julie takes her puppy Marley to DMV, Lachine. It was Christmas day and this was the only she knew would be open, it was evident to her that Marley was very ill and she needed to be seen immediately. Upon arrival at DMV Lachine Marley was rushed in for examination. Twenty minutes later a vet notifies Marley’s owner that the test results indicate she has Parvo. The vets main concern now turns towards the owners finances, explaining it would cost between $3,000 - $5,000 for treatment with no guarantee of her survival, the next option which was described as a  more humane option, have her euthanized so she wouldn’t continue suffering. Her owner could not imagine the thought of her suffering unnecessarily without guarantee of survival, nor could she afford that kind of money for treatment on Christmas day. Marley looked already so weak. With no other options she reluctantly signed the documents to let Marley go humanely. She chooses to stay and assist.
A few minutes later the veterinarian comes back with a last minute, final option, surrender Marley to a rescue they work with, the rescue will take the costs and adopt Marley out if she survived. Marley’s owner questioned why this was not presented before the option to euthanize her puppy, the veterinary’s response was that after looking at Marley again the idea just came to her. Now Julie even more confused on what she should do because she was first made to believe Marley had little chance of survival, but now how could she have Marley euthanized knowing they think she may live through this case of Parvo. Julie then asked if she would be able to adopt her back then? It didn’t make sense to her that the rescue would pay $5,000 in treatment and just get back a $400 adoption fee, how do they survive? Unfortunately they couldn’t tell Julie where Marley would end up. Julie basically was going to give up her rights to Marley up to the rescue, and it would be considered abandonment in their files. Julie was devastated. She did what she could do to keep Marley alive but she can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right with this whole situation.

December 25, 2018 - Christmas Night (10:51 PM)
This story then takes an unexpected turn when SPCA Ouest posts a medical emergency case on Facebook about a puppy being left to die on Christmas. On this post you can read “Marley was surrendered and immediately brought to an emergency animal hospital because it was very clear that he was a very sick boy” summarized with “Marley needs a Christmas miracle. He did not deserve to be left to die. We reacted. We came to his help. Now we need you, our loyal supporters. Any donation will be greatly appreciated.” Their first goal was set between $2,900 - $3,500 for  Marley’s treatments. Over the week the goal has climbed all the way to a little over $14,000 for Marley’s treatments.
However, The truth is Marley arrived at the emergency animal hospital DMV in Lachine that afternoon and had never left, he was brought in by his original owner, Julie. The public began getting curious and  began asking questions on the SPCA Ouest facebook page, those messages got deleted one by one, leaving only the good comments, raising even more suspicion regarding the true costs of Marley’s treatments. 
Nearly two weeks later when Marley is apparently strong enough to be transferred out of ICU the end of an invoice is posted to prove the $14,000 invoice that people had been asking for. However the invoice had no details about Marley and was very vague, people then began asking for the rest of the invoice and those messages were either deleted or responded with defensive messages saying they were upset anyone would even doubt them.
Today we still ask for that proof and have yet to have an answer. $14,000 is unheard of for the treatment of Parvo, SPCA Ouest still refuses to show the entire invoice as of January 7, 2019.

You can also read the facebook group  horror stories of the SPCA OUEST

Hear is what others have to say about the SPCA OUEST - credit goes to the names of the writers below

Quote:Katt D
There's definitely something wrong with that SPCA. I adopted my dog from there and she was severely malnourished (even though she was there for over a month). Remi himself said to crate train her because she would destroy everything and they would play rough with her. They said she wasn't mistreated. When I got home she was the sweetest thing, she can't tolerate to be locked up (huge panic attacks) and she gained 10 lbs in 2 weeks. And she had some form of abuse because sometimes when we come to pet her she flinches. There's something fishy going on there. 

Now with Marley's story, when I asked to see the full bill after asking $14 000, they blocked and deleted my comment. They are using people's "bienfaisance" and animals' sickness to make profit. Absolutely disgusting.

Edit% Once again you just copy/pasted an answer and completely disregarded my comment. I said that crate training gave her panic attacks. And if Marley is getting the care, what's so hard about posting the 17 page bill? Why do your delete your posts? Why do you ban people, including me? Why do you make fake accounts to increase your rating? IF YOU HAD NOTHING TO HIDE, YOU WOULDN'T DO THIS. How dare you use sick innocent animals and hardworking people to make money?

Quote:adele poupart
I adopted a ?. Was told her teeth needed fixing. I asked right away. They said no.
A couple of months later I noticed her eye oozing. I took her to my very respectable vet.
It wasn't her teeth at all. It was cancer of the jaw. I had to put her down so she wouldn't suffer. This was 2 1/2 months after her adoption. I was heartbroken. Probably suited them so they would not have to absorb any costs. The SPCA said my vet made a mistake. What a joke. They took no responsibilty or offered me anything.
Disgusting, terrible experience. I would not recommend this place to anyone. BE CAREFUL! Money is important to them....
And I see I am not the only one who has had to deal with shabby place.

SPCA OUEST needs to be shut down, especially after lying about a  fabricated medical bill over 14,000$,  this is disgusting that you are taking advantage of generous donors!

Quote:P. Guy
Found 2 abandoned kittens in a park who were about 2 months old. I had spent my morning calling a bunch of shelters to see if they could take the kittens but no one wanted to. So the SPCA of Ouest de l'ile was pretty much my only hope. I explained the situation to them, how I had found the kittens, that I was a resident in the area, how it was getting cold outside and that I couldn't keep them. Right away, the SPCA of Ouest de l'Ile turned me down, saying that they don't have the room for the 2 kittens ( as always). The lady then said she would check again and call me back. Well, she never did, which was basically a big slap in the face.  If it wasn't for the SPCA of Jean Talon, I don't know what would have happened to the kittens. So I just wanted to say thank you to you guys SPCA Ouest de L'ile for not giving a damn about innocent, helpless animals. All you are capable of doing is asking for money but when it's time to help an animal in need, you're a goner. To everyone who reads it, please stay away from them. They are not worth it and I hope for everyone's sake ( animals as much as customers ) that they end up getting shut down. Great work. You should be ashamed of yourselves for being so heartless.

There are so many complaints online with regards to the SPCA WEST

 Please share your horror stories of the SPCA WEST here! 
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