Stop Facial Recognition
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Facial recognition technology just got a lot scarier.

US-based Clearview AI was revealed to be taking facial-recognition technology to a frightening new level of sophistication, combing the open web to build its recognition databases so that we can be identified instantaneously on the street.
Over 600 police departments in the US and an undisclosed number of Canadian law-enforcement agencies are said to have access to it.

This is a terrifying invasion of our privacy, worse than ever before.
We’re starting a campaign to stop facial-recognition software like Clearview from progressing further in Canada, and we need your help.
Will you donate to OpenMedia and help stop facial-recognition in Canada?

In contrast to other facial-recognition systems that only match against police databases, Clearview AI claims to have more than three billion images connected to data scraped from Facebook, Venmo, and millions of other sites that carry personal information, allowing the company to create whole biographies of people without their knowledge.

Facial-recognition technology has been shown to be inaccurate and particularly prone to produce biased outcomes for people of color and women, with many top systems misidentifying the faces of women and people with darker skin 5–10 times more often than those of white men.

People can be detained, imprisoned, or even deported based on faulty facial-recognition data.
Even when correct, facial recognition is a gross invasion of privacy. And the databases it creates are an especially tempting target for hackers and other malicious actors who want to build their stock of information about us and use it against us.

Currently, Canada has no laws explicitly regulating or authorizing the use of facial-recognition technology. While MPs on the House of Commons Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy, and Ethics have studied possible legislative changes to address privacy concerns and the oversight gap on facial-recognition technology, no rule changes have taken place, and none is are pending.

As it stands, it is open season for police and companies to hunt the web for our sensitive biometric information, to store, use, and share with whomever they care to.
That’s why we’re starting a campaign calling on municipalities to order a moratorium on the use of facial-recognition technology. We’ve written a resolution for municipalities to adopt, and now we need to encourage every possible community to use it. Through early 2020, you’ll be hearing more from us regarding who is responding to our call and how you can help make this change in your community.
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