TC Transcontinental (Publisac) paying employees way below minimum wage
     2018 - gross profit  Transcontinental Inc. Cl B

(2016 - gross profit)

With profits like these, why is it TC Transcontinental (Publisac) are letting the paperboys, work for many hours on the street (winter or summer) between 10hrs to 14hrs per day, ending with a salary for the same work of 75.00$

Quebec minimum wage is $11.25 an hour 
TC Transcontinental (Publisac) is paying $5.35 an hour  Huh 

How is TC Transcontinental (Publisac) getting away with this through the Government of Quebec?

For complaints on the standard of minimum pay, call 1 844 838-0808 
  1 844 838-08081 844 838-0808
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You’re a slave to money when working for these guys.
Everything happens for a reason.
You shall reap what you sow.
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(2018-Mar-19-5:20 pm)Mark Wrote: You’re a slave to money when working for these guys.

Yes, mark unfortunately these paperboys are slaves!  Transcontinental Inc tells  the publicsac paperboys  to “get over it”, or “find a new job”, etc if they are not happy. The problem today in this type of job the paperboys are scared to say anything. Canadian citizens should be fully aware of what is going on here. Transcontinental Inc is taking full advantage of these publicsac paperboy employees. This is utterly disgusting and unacceptable.
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