You are exposed to a substance only when you come in contact with it
This public health statement tells you about sulfur dioxide and the effects of exposure.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) identifies the most serious hazardous waste sites in
the nation These sites make up the National Priorities List (NPL) and are the sites targeted for
long-term federal cleanup activities. Sulfur dioxide has been found in at least 16 of the
1,467 current or former NPL sites. However, the total number of NPL sites evaluated for this
substance is not known. As more sites are evaluated, the sites at which sulfur dioxide is found
may increase. This information is important because exposure to this substance may harm you and
because these sites may be sources of exposure.

When a substance is released from a large area, such as an industrial plant, or from a container,
such as a drum or bottle, it enters the environment. This release does not always lead to
exposure. You are exposed to a substance only when you come in contact with it. You may be
exposed by breathing, eating, or drinking the substance or by skin contact.

Aug 15, 2005 nitrogen dioxide is part of a group gaseous air pollutants produced as 2. What is the damage caused by sulphur dioxide (so2) to human nps explore nature air resources quality basics sulfur pollution. Even at concentrations let's summarize some sulfur dioxide pollution effects on human health (ref. Move victim to fresh air. Queensland effects on human health stockholm environment institute.

I have flown twice over Mount St. Helens out on our West Coast. I'm not a scientist and I don't know the figures, but I have a suspicion that that one little mountain has probably released more sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere of the world than has been released in the last ten years of automobile driving or things of that kind that people are so concerned about.
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The dangers of Sulfur Dioxide exposure

 Why Miners Risk Their Lives To Get Sulfur From An Active Volcano | Risky Business
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