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The Canada-France Ecliptic Plane Survey (CFEPS) - High Latitude Component
                   Astrophysics - Earth and Planetary Astrophysics


We report the orbital distribution of the Trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs) discovered during the High Ecliptic Latitude (HiLat) extension of the Canada-France Ecliptic Plane Survey (CFEPS), conducted from June 2006 to July 2009. The HiLat component was designed to address one of the shortcomings of ecliptic surveys (like CFEPS), their lack of sensitivity to high-inclination objects. We searched 701~deg$^2$ of sky ranging from 12$^\circ$ to 85$^\circ$ ecliptic latitude and discovered \lKBO TNOs, with inclinations between 15$^\circ$ to 104$^\circ$.
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