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DesmondThe Logical Song by Roger Hodgson (former Supertramp singer songwriter)

This song is written by Roger Hodgson, former lead-singer and co-founder of Supertramp.
He was also the singer for this song.
Roger Hodgson owns the copyright for all the songs composed by him, including the song playing in this video.
Roger Hodgson is currently on tour, see, where you can find the latest tour schedule and much more information about Roger Hodgson.
He is also touring Germany. To by music by Roger Hodgson, see
Please note, that Roger Hodgson parted with Supertramp in 1983.
He chose a way in simple lifestyle with his family, and began recording his own songs in an own recording studio at home.
For this video, copyright approval has been granted by Harmonic Management.

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