The Moons Orbital Path has Changed-Mystery of the Floating Planet-Earth has Tilted
The Earth is opening causing massive fissures to spread across the land.
( -- University of Exeter, UK, research has added to a growing evidence that several giant planets have orbits so tilted that their orbits can be perpendicular or even backwards relative to their parent star’s rotation.

Known as ‘extrasolar planets’, because they are located outside our solar system, these planets orbit very closely to their star.

Planets are formed from a swirling disk of gas and dust that surrounds young stars. Because the disk rotates in the same direction as the star, the planets spawned by the disk should revolve in the same direction. In an overcrowded planetary system, however, planets can push one body outward while flinging the other inward, elongating and tilting the inner planet’s orbit.

In 2017, the sky anomalies continue to increase, our weather is more extreme then it has ever been, the crust of the earth continues to warm causing ever increasing volcanic activity, even those that have been dormant for hundreds even thousands of years are suddenly roaring to life. The Earth is opening causing massive fissures to spread across the land, while the earth is in the midst of a sinkhole apocalypse.

We must nevertheless present all possible interpretations for each observation, so that competing theories can be formulated and defended. In science, as elsewhere, intellectual inertia, the fashions of the moment, the weight of institutions, and authoritarianism are always to be feared. Heresies play an essential role by keeping our minds argumentative and alert.
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Earth has Tilted, Moons Orbital Path has Changed-Mystery of the Floating Planet



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