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The Truth about British Royals!!!

QUEEN VICTORIA'S grandchildren all married each other, and many of her children were psychopaths. One of her favourite grandchildren was Prince Carl Eduard Coburg who attended Eton and was a British Prince who was a member of the Order of the Garter. He was sent to Germany and installed as a General in the armed forces, and he then set about conscripting the youngest and fittest of German society who he then commanded and killed on battlefields of the First World War. It was Prince Carl Eduard Coburg and his uncle, the Kaiser, who caused millions of people to be gassed and murdered between 1914-1918. On the other side of the first world war battlefields was his cousin - King George V - commanding the British troops and overseeing the first use of Chemical Weapons such as Mustard Gas and Chlorine bombs. Both these men were British Royals, educated at the British tax payers' expense, both these men were directly related to Queen Victoria, they were both psychopaths… They were both members of the Order of the Garter. They were both raised at Buckingham Palace.
The World of truth                                                        
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 Freemason Royal Ritual, after bombing east end London

Something about the Royal Family Tree WE Should All Know

George Soros, Queen Elizabeth ii, Jimmy Saville, Prince Charles,


Bases 93 Part One Introducing Alex Thomson
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