Tomato Flu Outbreak/Coxsackie A16
Coxsackieviruses share many characteristics with poliovirus.
An Aug. 17 letter in Lancet Respiratory Medicine titled “Tomato Flu Outbreak in India” speculated on causes of an outbreak of febrile rash with red lesions in approximately 108 young children in India (Kerala then Tamil Nadu and Odisha) since May 2022. 

Of note, the three authors stated the following in the letter’s opening paragraph:

“… a new virus known as tomato flu, or tomato fever, has emerged in India in the state of Kerala in children younger than 5 years. The rare viral infection is in an endemic state and is considered non-life-threatening …”

The authors did not present data for “a new virus” nor what they meant by “the rare viral infection is in an endemic state,” if indeed it was a new virus.

On Aug. 19, viral sequencing by the U.K. Health Security Agency in Colindale, London, demonstrated Coxsackie A16 from skin lesions in two children returning from Kerala to the U.K. in May 2022, as reported in The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal by Tang et al. in an article titled “Kerala Tomato Flu —  A Manifestation of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.”

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