Two dead, four injured in Kahnawake car crash CTV Montreal
(Credit goes to: CTV Montreal and The Canadian Press )

Two people are dead and four others injured after a car crash in Kahnawake on Saturday morning.

The collision, involving a vehicle with six occupants, happened at 3:00 a.m. on Veterans Blvd. in a residential area. The vehicle collided with several other parked cars before bursting into flames.
David Lahache, interim spokesperson for the Kahnawake Peacekeepers, said officers found the car engulfed in fire upon arriving at the scene. Residents were able to pull the occupants out as the vehicle burned.

"The cause of the accident, we can determine right now that speed was a definite factor just by looking at the scene," he said. "We're trying to determine if there were any other contributing factors."
Robert Montour, who lives near the accident site, said he heard the car go by his home and then a loud noise. He looked outside and saw flames rising from the vehicle. He got in his truck and drove down the road to try and help.

"By the time I got here, there were a couple people trying to get in the car to pull the occupants out," he said. "I went running over there, they said they needed something to bust the glass with.
"It happened so fast," he added. "You just don't believe it."
Three female occupants were taken to hospital for their injuries. Lahache said one of those victims has been placed in an induced coma and was taken to the Montreal General Hospital for emergency surgery. A male was treated for minor injuries. Police said both occupants who died were male and were from the area.
Kahnawake Peacekeepers have asked for the Surete du Quebec’s assistance in investigating the tragedy.

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