Unfolding Global Agenda/Johnny Cirucci Biography[pdf]
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Jonathan “Johnny” Cirucci didn’t get much out of college.To this day, his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science is barely worth the frame it hangs in. He didn’t know it then, but it’s by design. “Higher education” is a machine that needlessly bleeds the common citizen and uses the teachings of sexual deviants and card­carrying Communists to take America’s children from their parents. But one thing college did do for Johnny was teach him how to argue and debate. From astronomy to sociology every “professor” found an excuse to bad­mouth America and/or Christianity. Not being one to sit still during such tirades, Johnny usually stood up and spoke up. Combined with extreme disinterest and youthful laziness, this gave Johnny spectacularly mediocre grades.

 Johnny joins me on this show to speak about the specific tactics used by the illuminati in perpetuating the New World order as a criminal syndicate. In this show we specifically cover their bizarre pedophilia behavior and how they abuse even their own children.

                                                                                There can be no daily democracy without daily citizenship.                                                                                                                                                                                        Ralph Nader
Johnny Cirrucci - Unfolding Global Agenda

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