VIA rail train wifi keeps disconnecting
I am sure alot of you Canadians use the via train for trips so maybe you can share some feedback on this one. 
Sunday evening (April 8, 2018 approx 7:30pm) leaving Alexandria Ontario to Montreal Quebec Bonaventure the wifi on via rail train kept cutting off on me every 15 seconds. I told the train conductor about the problem with wifi, so he suggested to me to change seats since many [font=arial, sans-serif]were empty in this train .. to see if that would  fix the wifi problem. It didn't help at all, so i was very upset throughout the entire trip. When i got home the very first thing i did was connect my phone to my home wifi and it obviously stayed connected without disconnecting every 15 seconds. I have taken via rail train several times with no wifi problems so I find this rather frustrating, experiencing this.[/font]
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