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  • 311: Montreal City
  • 411: A free phone directory service (800-555-1212)
  • 511: Quebec 511 line (transports)
  • 811: Health Line (Info-Santé)
  • 911: Local Police Station

For GrandStream ATA devices: Freephoneline


For Cisco, Linksys, Sipura  ATA devices: Freephoneline


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Explanation of this dial string:

  • 911S0| Emergency service provided by my VoIP provider. Dial immediately.
  • <311:5148720311>S0| Montreal’s information line, dial immediately.
  • <411:18005551212>S0| Phone directory services, dial immediately.
  • <511:18883550511>S0| Quebec 511 service, dial immediately.
  • <811:18003613977>S0| Quebec Info-Santé, dial immediately.
  • x11S0| Any other x-1-1 number not covered above will be dialed anyway, so that if my VoIP provider implements them in the future, they’ll work.
  • *xxS0| All star-x-x numbers are dialed. Obvious case is voicemail *98, but certain features could be supported too.
  • [2-9]xxxxxxxxxS0| All north american ‘”local” numbers, dialed immediately. This covers all free areas where my line has access to.
  • 1xxxxxxxxxxS0| All of north america in long-distance (+1). Make sure you have a long distance plan to call those!
  • 011xxxxxxxxxxxx.| International calls. Requires a minimum of 12 digits, preceded by 011. No immediate dial because the length is unknown.
  • 1900x.!| BLOCK all 1-900 pay numbers.
  • 1976x!| BLOCK all 1-976 numbers.

Important details:
  • Grandstream uses the caret (^) for blocking, 
  • Linksys uses the exclamation (!)
  • Grandstream uses the equal (=) for remapping numbers, 
  • Linksys uses colon (:)
  • Linksys supports immediate dial (S0), Grandstream does not.
  • Grandstream uses accolades around the string { } while Linksys uses parenthesis ( )
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