Water Purification Breakthrough Technology
Thin-film ultrafiltration membranes
There has been an increasing interest in recent years in isolating cellulose nanofibers from unbleached cellulose pulps for economic, environmental, and functional reasons. In the current work, cellulose nanofibers isolated from high-lignin unbleached neutral sulfite pulp were compared to those isolated from bleached rice straw pulp in making thin-film ultrafiltration membranes by vacuum filtration on hardened filter paper. The prepared membranes were characterized in terms of their microscopic structure, hydrophilicity, pure water flux, protein fouling, and ability to remove lime nanoparticles and purify papermaking wastewater effluent. Using cellulose nanofibers isolated from unbleached pulp facilitated the formation of a thin-film membrane (with a shorter filtration time for thin-film formation) and resulted in higher water flux than that obtained using nanofibers isolated from bleached fibers, without sacrificing its ability to remove the different pollutants.

This new technology enables communities to produce their own water filters using biomass nanofibers, making clean water more accessible and affordable.


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Nanocellulose Extraction from Diverse Biomass Feedstocks for Sustainable Water Purification


How Nanotech Can Help Solve the Fresh Water Crisis


SDS gel electrophoresis


SDS PAGE : How does it works?

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