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DesmondZeitgeist's Peter Joseph Talks New Human Rights Movement David Pakman Show

In 2009, Joseph founded The Zeitgeist Movement, a self-described "sustainability advocacy organization." It was originally started as the "activist arm" of an organization called The Venus Project, launched by Jacque Fresco in 1994. In 2011 the two organizations separated.[7] Joseph's work with the Movement and the Trilogy has been the subject of national media attention to include articles in The New York TimesThe Palm Beach PostVC Reporter, and TheMarker.[8][9][10]

Joseph is the owner of Gentle Machine Productions LLC, a production company that has released many of his projects, including the Zeitgeist film trilogy. It also is responsible for the production of Culture in Decline, a web series launched by Joseph in 2012, as well as Joseph's new feature film project: InterReflections.[11][12]

David Pakman Show
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