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cat sitting montreal - Frazzle Kat
Frazzle Kat - Cat Sitting in Montreal Quebec! Josie Frazzetto a trusted cat babysitter comes to your place to feed your cats and play with them.


2 home visits per day

Duration varies • Price varies
Each visit is 30 minutes: I will feed, give fresh water, clean litter, playtime (your cats will get alot of love & affection!), bring in mail, water plants, adjust lights and take out garbage.

1 home visit per day

Duration varies • Price varies
Cat Sitting services in the comfort of your own home! Your cats will get alot of love & affection! Services consist of: Feeding, Fresh Water, Litter cleaning, Brushing, Kitty Playtime, Bring in mail,Water plants, Adjust lights, Take out garbage

Check out her reviews below

Contact her through facebook


Please all we ask from you is to kindly mention to her that you found her pet sitting information from this site. Thank You.. so kindly!
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