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Full Version: Fuel cell technology boosts drone flight AP Archive
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A UK-based energy tech company is demonstrating how hydrogen fuel cells can be used to significantly extend the range of commercial drones.
Intelligent Energy says its technology can extend flight times from 15 minutes to up to two hours, benefiting a range of industries from inspection to search and rescue.

Lift-off for this four-rotored quadcopter, but this is a drone with a difference.
In this muddy Loughborough farmer's field, around 170 kilometres north of London, experts from UK-based energy group Intelligent Energy are testing what they claim to be a game-changer for drone tech.
While it may not appear different from current commercially-available UAVs, this drone is powered using two hydrogen fuel cells. The only waste product is warm air and water.
This, Intelligent Energy claims, solves two of the biggest problems associated with current battery-powered drones: flight time and re-fuelling.