Full Version: NOMADIC MASSIVE:MOVING FORWARD:feat. Z'Africa Brasil
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Nomadic Massive is an independent hip-hop supergroup based in Montreal, Quebec, active in the scene since 2004.[1] They have achieved notoriety in Canada, United States, Brazil and France among many international venues. The membership of the band varies depending on song, but their ensemble includes rappers, singers, keyboardists, saxophone, trumpets, trombone, guitarists, bass, and drums. Many of the members are multi-instrumentalists and trade spots on stage. The official members are vocalists Waahli, Taliwah (a.k.a. iamblackgirl), Meryem Saci, Lou Piensa, as well as musicians Butta Beats and Ali Sepu. With lyrics in diverse languages including English, French, Creole, Spanish and Arabic, Nomadic Massive celebrates global music interpreted through an Afro-Latin twist with hip-hop as the main medium of expression. They have been a staple of the Montreal International Jazz Festival for several years.[2]

  Add a Melody to Your Lyrical Words, Add a Tune to Life's Situations, Let there be a Song!Beautiful, Romantic, Hip-Hop,            Rap;Let there be a Moment one day,When we can Sing - Life,Remembering this is where we did Belong!
                                                                                                                                                          Somya Kedia