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Full Version: 1958~chilling Message From A Royal Canadian Naval Officer! Wikipedia
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                           Royal  Canadian Naval Intelligence Officer Admiral William G. Carr
                                 Wrote "Pawns in the Game" this is his speech in 1958 he died in 1959.

William James Guy Carr (R.D.[1] Commander R.C.N. ®) (2 June 1895 – 2 October 1959) was an English-born Canadian naval officer and an authorThough he first came to prominence with books about his military
 experiences as a submariner, Carr later turned to writing about a vast conspiracy theory which he alleged to
 have uncovered. He was described as "the most influential source in creating the American American Illuminati demonology", according to the American folklorist Bill Ellis.[2]  In the 1950s, he was the leader of the anti-Communist National Federation of Christian Laymen of Toronto, Ontario. He was also one of the presidents of the Naval Club of Toronto.[3]


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