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Full Version: No Puppy Mills Canada - Kijiji Boycott
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Boycott (which is a fully owned subsidiary of eBay)  Kijiji Canada needs to Shut Down the Adoption and Sale of Pets! We have to speak loud and clear on behalf of the animals. We can do it, but not without your help. Please, spread the word, for the love of animals, share this on Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc.

Remember Craigslist closed down their pet section years ago, after a public outcry! Kijiji should follow suit in order to protect animals!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Kijiji continues to allow the pet sales of animal breeders an easy platform to thrive on.  

We have over 273,293 Signatures 
Sign the petition now by copying and pasting below url into browser
We have over a quarter of a million Canadian Citizens who want the animal section on Kijiji gone for good! At this point with "no questions asked" our Canadian Government should already have stepped in by now and demand that the KIJIJI owner have no other options but to be forced to shut down the ANIMAL SALES for the safety of all Canadians! 

Now if Kijiji was just a regular website between you and me this would of been taken care of in just a few complaints but knowing there are over a quarter of a million complaints makes you wonder is being wealthy gets you out of almost everything  on the internet Huh
After doing some investigation online  I have discovered that the domain is leased from GODADDY Registrar