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Full Version: cik telecom internet throttling
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High Speed DSL Contract: 15/10 - Montreal Quebec.
Throttling uploads from cik telecom! We had 7mbps upload data (dry loop DSL) in our place for over 10 years with 4 different internet companies, zero throttling!  Once I suspected that cik telecom was throttling our upload speed i called them up to now over 50 times. I told them to give me back the 7mbps upload speed and there answer was No my internet wiring is bad. They have me at 2mbps upload max and told me if I am not happy to go with another ISP.  I called up BELL and a BELL technician told me that my internet line was good for 7 mbps upload and even a bit higher. cik telecom lowers there customers upload speeds than advertised! 

 I can confirm cik telecom is throttling upload speeds! 

Here is the definition of throttling:

Bandwidth throttling is the intentional slowing or speeding of an Internet service by an Internet service provider (ISP). It is a reactive measure employed in communication networks to regulate network traffic and minimize bandwidth congestion. Bandwidth throttling can occur at different locations on the network.


Cik Telecom: "Are you calling me a liar?"

Evidence suggests that the proof is in the speed-test picture in the first post above (UPLOAD SPEED)
I have just contacted CRTC to file my complaint ....Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications ... - CRTC (here is the proof below)


I have also filed my complaint on DSLReports
So today a CIK technician came to my place in the afternoon switched the modem, now im not only getting a higher ping but lower on the upload speed!



As you can see Cik Telecom is selling plans at 15 download and 10 upload as advertised on cik telecom website.

I just got off the phone with a Bell Technician to get to the bottom of all of this. Bell told me they can't supposedly provide higher then 2.2 upload because my connection at the address I'm living has  a bandwidth cap on the upload speed. So the advertising on Cik telecom is false and my speed is truly being throttled! If i was getting 7.5 for the first 6 months with Cik Telecom (and 12 years before) living at the very same address and POOF all of sudden out of no where my upload speed drops more 80% who is fooling who here?  Dodgy

Cik Telecom keeps telling me over the phone and by email that all of a sudden my apartment complex has bad wiring to my modem.  Big Grin  If this was true why haven't they sent a Bell technician by now?  Big Grin

Jack Don Manager of Cik telecom has been blaming the wiring situation to my apartment.  I have had a cik techncian come to my address and change the modem. That obviously did nothing!  Big Grin 
Jack Don also told me to change the dsl wire from the modem because it's bad, i took out the old phone jack and replaced with a new one, that obviously did nothing!  Big Grin 
Jack Don comments are ignorant click here, and it shows his lack of understanding for Cik Telecom customers! Confused 

How does CIK TELECOM provide quality service to it's customers when they lie to customers  Huh  


If you call CIK TELECOM or visit their website it says CUSTOMER IS KING  "BULLSHIT" ! finger

Cik Telecom says i have all these wiring issues, so i just told them on the phone if that is the case get a BELL TECHNICIAN to come to my place to find out where the problem is, (All Internet providers would honestly do this)  but CIK TELELCOM told me they will NOT contact BELL to send a TECHNICIAN to come to my place!  Dodgy  CIK TELECOM refuses to send a BELL TECH here at my place, just proves 100% that my upload speed is truly being throttled!

Whereas I finally switched over to cable internet back in late 2018 and everything seems exactly as advertised since! So Far, I've Had No Complaints with Speeds!!!! beg
Ok so CIK TELECOM are back to throttling different applications online here in Quebec. As of December 2019 I upgraded my plan from 30/15 cable internet to 400/50. For 2 months i had no issues. Starting this month in February 2020 I can no longer watch IPTV nor can I use my personal VPN to bypass the throttling between 600pm and 1100pm. Also to add since this throttling started again at the beginning of February I have purchased several expensive routers thinking that they were the cause of the problems in regards to the slowness. I finally found out just today it's definitely not my routers it's CIK TELECOM throttling.

Again I have no choice but forced to make another complaint to the Government Agency that is in charge of internet complaints here in Canada. I will keep everyone posted here below.

By tomorrow noon (Friday 14 2020)  if CIK TELECOM does not call me and apologize and fix this problem in regards to my complaint I will be filling a 2nd report to CCTS: Commission for Complaints !!! Also 3 other customers that happen to be my friends will also make a complaint each on there own about the throttling of the IPTV service between 600pm to 1100pm.

Alright so I will share with everyone today's update (02,14,2020)

I received a call at approx 12:23pm this afternoon from Cik Telecom. They asked me if everything was working ok, i said of course it's not during the day that I am being throttled it's in the evening. He said ok but I have made some adjustments on your line and we will be following up with you Mark at around 600pm. My answer was ok Thank You. At 643pm i received the second phone call of the day from CIK Telecom asking me if everything is working fine tonight, I had my applications already open at roughly the same time like every other night and surprisingly tonight I was not being throttled so my reply to the CIK Agent was yes everything seems to be working fine now and let's hope it continues this way. beg
Found this on the Internet, just sharing with everyone
Found this on the Internet, just sharing with everyone
Found this on the Internet, just sharing with everyone 
Cik Telecom facebook page
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