Full Version: Giant Tiger complaint towards stock in store online but store says no stock
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Giant Tiger online website needs to FIX a huge problem with how "Available In Store" products are out-of-stock in store. On the website it says "Available In Store"  but out-of-stock in store. Giant Tiger needs to manage there store inventory to coincide with their website. Customers will be so upset if they view merchandise there buying is marked Online that it's available in store but once they arrive at store for purchase and told by store managers that item is out-of-stock Hmm for example "rechargeable batteries" (I arrived at store) I was extremely pissed off at Giant Tiger/Tigre Géant #244  6877 Newman Blvd, Lasalle, Quebec H8N 3E4 for being told by the store manager that the item is not even sold in this store!


 It is more important than ever to listen to your customers !!!
Ok today went into store and they had the rechargeable batteries. Thank You