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Full Version: Village des Valeurs - Value Village - American company robbing Canadian families
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Second hand Store, Thrifty stores, Used Clothing, Furniture, Trainers, Shoes, Home ware, Records, Tapes, Collectibles and Other Jumble
low-income familypoor families and less fortunate

Prices at Value Village robbing Canadian customers
Value Village – often worn-out, stained, and broken merchandise
20$ a pair of used jeans, WTF ???


200$ a used jacket, WTF ???

'Village des Valeurs - Value Village' charity shops under fire for prices beyond means of poor Canadian families. We don't care if it's real brand names, you don't sell this in a charity shop for $200.00! 
13$ ridiculously high pricing for a t-shirt "not to mention" how these items are all donated

Village des Valeurs - Value Village is supposed to help low income Canadian families out but they are making it impossible for Canadian families in need to buy anything.
60$ ridiculously high pricing for a pair of boots "not to mention" how these items are all donated

100$ ridiculously high pricing for a coat "not to mention" how these items are all donated

90$ ridiculously high pricing for a boot "not to mention" how these items are all donated

I stopped donating to stores for these kinds of reasons! I think the thread is great, and I look forward to reading through the posts. Thanks for your time.
No where in Canada should any article of clothing in a second hand store be anywhere close to $5, let alone over it.
They get free donations.
Quote:Posted in 2003:
Actually, the chief 
benefactor of their generosity is an American billionaire named
William O. Ellison, who lives in a $1.5 million dollar mansion on Lake Washington outside of Seattle.

The real story here,.... enjoy reading about Value Village!!msg/ot...ZmWJykGv8J

Just did a Google search, other horrifying stories of Value Village
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