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Full Version: A Message To Fake Anonymous And The Deceived
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Greetings Fellow Anonymous, truth seekers, freedom fighters, simple citizens, and all of you fake Anons.

Lately and frequently many people have started calling themselves Anonymous. They have spread lies about what Anonymous is and what we do. They have created videos and groups and operations in the name of Anonymous. They have spread pictures of Anonymous holding guns, promoting violence which Anonymous is strictly against.

Women take selfies, posing naked wearing our mask, the symbol of freedom, justice, revolution and humanity. We fight for abused children, homeless and helpless and you turn it into sex. Degrading the Anonymous symbol, making it a meaningless piece of plastic besides degrading yourselves making you cheap as well. Have respect for yourself even if you have none for Anonymous. You're the reason we fight.

                         We have dared to be free. Let us dare to be so by ourselves and for ourselves.
                                                                                                      Jean-Jacques Dessalines